Invest in Cryptocurrencies

There are different ways to invest in Cryptocurrencies. Below we have listed the best options for you.

1: The old fashioned way is to purchase Cryptocurrencies and use a local wallet. You simply buy Cryptocurrencies with a credit card or whatever payment method suits you, and the Cryptocurrency is then deposited into your wallet. This allows you to manage your Cryptocurrencies yourself, and you can even put your wallet on a USB stick, for example.

A good website to buy and sell Crypto in this way is: Anycoin Direct

2: Nowadays there is also the Revolut bank. This is a bank where you can invest in Cryptocurrencies directly from your account. This is done in seconds. It is safe and easy, and gives you the security of the European bank guarantee. You do not need a wallet, but you can immediately buy your Cryptocurrencies with your bank account, and if you sell your Cryptocurrenciesagain, the money will end up in your bank account.

You can register with this bank here: Revolut

3: Use a broker. These are websites where you do not necessarily buy Cryptocurrencies, but where you invest in Cryptocurrencies with your dollars or euros. This actually works just like with shares, you have simply invested an amount, and if a Cryptocurrency increases in value and you sell it again, you will receive the amount in dollars or euros. This is actually not very different from option 2 (Revolut), but there is one big difference: leverage. You may already be familiar with this with Forex, commodities or other CFDs, but several brokers allow you to invest in Cryptocurrencies with leverage. Simply put, this means that you invest, for example, 1,000 euros, with a leverage of 10, meaning you gain an investment with the value of 10,000 euros. If your investment increases by 2%, this is 200 euros per 10,000. If you then have it paid out, you will receive your investment of 1,000 euros back, plus the 200 euro profit. You can imagine that you can make a lot of money with this, but keep in mind that you can also make a loss very quickly with these brokers.

The most reliable brokers we know are Plus500 and PrimeXBT