Obviously we love Plus500 too. That one has been around for over a decade. But it’s a website that isn’t focused around Crypto. It’s been used mostly by Forex and stock traders. PrimeXBT is different. These guys love Crypto and they want to do their best to help you make a lot of money with it. It’s super easy to use and millions of Cryptocurrency investors already use the platform of PrimeXBT. And you can receive all kinds of bonuses if you trade a lot. And we all want the free cash. You can earn an additional income if you refer your friends to the platform too.

You can invest in Cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Doge, ETH, Litecoin, XRP and many others. You can also invest in Copper, Gold, Silver and a number of popular company stocks. The platform offers Forex as well. Using leverage it’s possible to gain fast on the volatility of Cryptocurrencies. And the fees are a lot lower than platforms like Coinbase. In fact, they are next to nothing. Trades are executed super fast so you will always have the advantage. With PrimeXBT you will always be the fastest trader on the market.

Also the platform offers the possibility to copy traders. You can automatically execute the exact same trades as experienced traders if you choose that option. We never tried out the copytrading, but we’ve seen a lot of users be profitable with it. So it’s certainly worth a shot.

One of the other great things about PrimeXBT is that you don’t actually have to verify your identity. Since it’s based around Crypto and your balance can be kept in Crypto, exchanging to FIAT currencies like dollar or euro isn’t necessary. So a KYC isn’t necessary either. But it’s recommended though, as it will allow you to receive all the bonuses the platform offers. You can send your profit to Coinbase or whatever wallet you keep. Of course everything on PrimeXBT is free.

At PrimeXBT you can store your funds in the following cryptocurrencies as your main trading balance:

  • Bitcoin
  • Ethereum
  • USDT
  • USD Coin
  • Covesting

Of course it’s possible to invest in many other cryptocurrencies, but these are the ones we keep our steady balance in.

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